We use and re-use, make and re-make software to stage actions. You should too.

The People’s Pad

Version 2.0

Project what you draw! Quick and easy space democratizer.

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How to Guides

Version 1.0

As movement organizers, our goal is to share our process as much as possible. Here are some PDFs to get you up to speed on what equipment and design philosophy you need to do what we do.

Hardware Design Strategy

Manual for Urban Projection

Version 1.0

We didn’t write this, but it’s a great document for all things DIY projection. Organized and created by Ali Momeni and Stephanie Sherman as part of the Center for Urban Intervention Research at Carnegie Mellon.


Protest Generator

Version 0.6

With this After Effects project you can create virtual protests and create your own digital signage.

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Tax Evader Game

Version 1.2

Game made by Molleindustria

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Syphon Slideshow

Version 0.5

Auto advance photos from a folder at a frequency of your choice. Folder auto-refreshes in case you want to add more media.

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The Wheel of Justice

Version 1

A Wii-mote playable game about the criminal (in)justice system. Made in collaboration with the NYCLU for their Fix Public Defense campaign.

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Green Lumen

Version 1.0

A failed bike projector. Learn from our mistakes!

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