Draw or Type here!

Draw or type a protest sign in the space above. Together with organizers of the Cops Off Campus Coalition, we are collecting signs now through May 3rd to be used in a Turtle-Island wide virtual walkout to kick off Abolition May with a Day of Refusal. Each submitted sign will held up by a 3d avatar and visible to everyone. Make your voice heard! As more visitors participate, the protest goes from a trickle to a torrent.

The virtual protest will be livestreamed at twitch.tv/protestgenerator on May 3rd, 2021 at from 9am EST to 3am EST May 4th, and projected on campuses across the US.

The Cops Off Campus Coalition is an abolitionist movement calling for the abolition of university police departments across all participating campuses by Fall 2021. The movement emerged amidst a global pandemic, relentless state and vigilante violence against Black, brown, and Indigenous people, and national calls for abolition. The movement to get cops off campus is led by BIPOC community members, faculty, students, and graduate and other workers across campuses in North America.

Universities have long perpetuated settler and carceral logics nationally and internationally. We demand a different university: rooted in building an abolitionist infrastructure with colleagues, students, and community members that will negate campus police as a viable institution, while moving us toward the decolonization of the university, and the full abolition of the profit model that drives higher education in the United States and Canada.

For a brief video demonstration of how this works and what it will look like, visit here.